The D240 Simplex or Duplex is a new generation horizontal stand-up pouch machine, whose cutting-edge technology provides all the advantages that can be found in the greatest D-Series models.

The film unwinder, positioned at 90°, and the open-frame structure result in a very compact machine (5.5 m x 1.7 m x 2.2 m) and allows the D240 to be accessible from every side. It is entirely driven by brushless motors in electronic cam.

The high level of automation and the simplicity of use allow frequent and fast format changeovers, which do not affect productivity and do not require highly qualified staff to be carried out. The D240 Simplex produces stand-up pouches and 3-side seal bags with ZIP option (120-240 mm width, up to 300 mm height), being able to reach an output speed of 70 bags per minute. The duplex version is designed to produce two bags per cycle (100-120 mm width) at a nominal speed of 140 bags per minute.

Format changeover can be carried out in less than 20 minutes, thanks to the high technology and to the cutting-edge software of the machine.

VersionPackage dimensions Min (base x height)Package dimensions Max (base x height)Speed (cycles/min)Speed (packages/min)
S 90 x 100 mm240 x 300 mm7070
D 90 x 100 mm120 x 300 mm70140

Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Thanks to a great commitment in research and development, the D-Series can achieve extraordinary results in the field of modified atmosphere packaging. In the case of grated cheese, for example, the D-Series allows to keep the residual oxygen threshold below 1%, with a gas consumption definitely lower than other machines.

PFM Recyclable Ready

The great issue in packaging today is the use of recyclable films: more specifically, the possibility to recycle them and therefore promote circular economy. For this reason, PFM’s cutting-edge research has been focusing for many years on eco-friendly films, making the whole D-Series range ready to work successfully with recyclable films.

Pack Samples