Feeding Systems

Filling Systems for Liquids 

Precision, reliability and cleanability: PFM offers a complete range of liquid fillers. In each case, the ideal filling system is agreed with the customer according to the specific product type, fill volume, required production speed and the hygiene/cleaning protocol. 

Volumetric Feeders 

PFM offers a comprehensive range of volumetric filling systems for powders and granules including auger-screw and rotary cup (pocket) fillers. The AF-5000 series screw fillers are the ideal solution for powders such as sugar, beverage powders, soups, coffee, cocoa, baby formulas etc. Maximum dosing repeatability is ensured by the auger’s precise construction and perfect surface finish combined with the rotational consistency of servomotor drive and an independent product stirrer. 

Multi-head Weighers 

Almost thirty years experience and intense research have led MBP, a PFM Group company, to manufacture a diverse range of weighing units, 100% made in Italy, technologically advanced and providing solutions for the most demanding customers. 

MBP offers the C-Series: a complete range of multi-head weighers that are perfectly complementary to D-Series packaging machines.

The C2DMA Twin Series, with 16, 20 or 24 heads, is a range of multi-head combinatory weighers that can weigh, at a high speed and with extreme precision, different types of granular products. The functioning principle is based on distributing the product in 8+8 (or 10+10 or 12+12) weighing buckets that, in turn, dump it in the memory buckets positioned below. The DMA system, with its memory buckets, can exponentially raise the number of possible combinations (and, as a consequence, the precision of each weigh) and the saving in terms of product.

16C2DMA Twin
MBP 14C2