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The most advanced stand up pouch packaging machine available in the known universe



Every single machine operation can be 100% controlled from a easy to use visual display

D-series modular logo


Add a module: feeding, weighing metal detector, x-ray or case packing to create all-in-one line.

D-series accessible logo


Full Side Access design allows you to directly access all components without being a circus contortionist.

D-series Compact logo


The 90° layout massively reduce the machine’s length saving plenty of space for other purposes.

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Carry out format changes in minutes not hours! Thanks to a patent pending All-in-one Conveyor

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The pouch is held firmly during all filling & sealing stages for a perfect finished package result.

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is Ready for a New Generation of Recyclable Materials.


The D-Series Stand-Up Pouch Machine uses 100% PE or 100% PP recyclable films with corresponding zip compounds.

It offers a compostable material option too: Microcellulose and biopolymer with biopolymer zip (industrial composting).

Future proof: the D-Series is ready for today’s and tomorrow’s packaging materials.

Watch a short video presentation about D-Series 2.0

PFM D-Series horizontal stand up pouch machine incorporates a range of (patent pending) leading edge technologies ensuring the most advanced, safe and sustainable packaging solutions.

The faces behind the D-Series. Meet the Pfm Team

Pfm has worked in the packaging industry for over 50 years and has assembled the most talented team of system engineers in the world. Pfm is driven to solve difficult customer problems, not just building machines.


Why stand up pouches are the future?

Needed in the Space by Astronauts
Loved on Earth by Mums

“Food makes crumbs and we can’t affort to have stuff floating around with life support systems. Pouches save our lives.”


—Chris Hadfield, Canadian astronaut

“Babies make a mess and I can’t afford to have orange juice spilling around my new sofa. Pouches save my life”


— Angela Basso, Italian mom

Explore our 4 Applications for 1000s products

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Powder products RESERVED area

  • Foods • Baby foods
  • Freeze-dried drinks • Supplements
  • Spices • Cocoa • Coffee
  • Milk • Sugar • Salt• Desserts •Raising agents•
  • Flours • Instant food and drink formulations
  • Ice cream • Insecticides
  • Chemicals • Medicines

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Granular products RESERVED area

  • Sweets • Lozenges • Toffee • Dried fruit
  • Frozen vegetables • Frozen seafood • Grated cheese
  • Cheese in cubes • Cheese strips • Mozzarella and
  • mini mozzarella Mini salamis • Peanuts • Pulses
  • Cereals • Muesli • Snacks • Pasta
  • Rice • Ready-cooked foods • Pickles
  • Vegetables • Technical products • Toys • Screws

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Liquid products RESERVED area

  • Fruit juices • Fruit nectars • Soft drinks
  • Herbal Teas • Hand and body lotion
  • Ready to use Broth • Smoothies
  • Oil • Tea • Ready-made meals
  • Fruit and vegetables mixes • Energy drinks
  • Laundry soap • Fabric softener • Detergents

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Dense products RESERVED area

  • Fruit puree • Creams • Cosmetics • Sauces
  • Mayonnaise • Mustard • Nutritional products
  • Soups • Ready-made meals • Liquid spices
  • Dairy products • Processed cheese
  • Honey • Ketchup • Glue • Fruit purée • Yogurt
  • Detergents • Liquid soap • Toilet cleaner

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D-series stand-up pouch machine

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